We provide services primarily in the field of e-coating (cataphoresis). Our paint shop features a submerging process, it is automated and is under constant supervision of highly qualified personnel. We use specialized hangers for each type of part.


Color: RAL 9005
Paint thickness: 15 - 20 µm
Surface treatment: ferric phosphating
Max. dimension of painted part: 2250 x 1400 x 500 mm
Paint supplier: BASF COATINGS
Surface treatment supplier: BASF / CHEMETALL


We have crank presses with pressure from 6 to 630 Ton, including high-speed press and feeders for steel bands of maximum dimensions of 900 x 4 mm (width x height).

Gas and Spot Welding

Gas welding is carried out by Mig/Mag ABB IRB1400 robotic cells and at manual cells. As for spot welding, it is done at a ABB IRB6600 robotic cell and stationary welding machines.


We also provide assembly services done manually or with the help of dedicated machines and devices, depending on the client's needs.

Having a paint shop on site, we provide greater control over the quality of the final production process, saving costs and time for the customer and eliminating the risks associated with additional transport.
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