On site we use presses with pressure of up to 630T, we process steels with different strength parameters. Our technological activities are constantly improved in order to provide the customer with the highest quality in stamping processes, gas welding, spot welding and assembly. We offer a wide range of possibilities to develop the most effective and cost-effective production process. Production lines and processes are designed to take into account the highest quality of products while optimizing production costs. We also have an E-coat painting line (cataphoresis) featuring an immersion process. The metal elements are painted in black RAL9005.

Some important technologies at the Grójec plant include:
  ● Stamping on press machines with pressure from 16 to 630 tons,
  ● Mig/Mag welding (robotic and manual),
  ● Spot welding (robotic and manual),
  ● Riveting,
  ● Gluing,
  ● Assembly and sub-assembly,
  ● Cataphoretic e-coating (KTL), color black RAL9005.
Parts for seats and their structures cover the spectrum of applications in the automotive industry using Lean production technologies, flexible production cells, progressive press tools and robotic gas or spot welding in order to complete the production process and design requirements.
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